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Released 3 March 2003 (Update)
Pay-to-play Yes
Combat level 78
Max hit 8
Stats (?) 78 / 78 / 78
Hitpoints 78
Experience (?) 132
Ranged XP (?) 176
Hits XP (?) 44
Fatigue (?) 1.76%
Hostility Aggressive (?)
Poisonous No
Poisonable Yes
Weakness Silverlight
Examine big red and incredibly evil

Othainian is a powerful demon found deep in the Underground Pass. Players must defeat him (along with Doomion and Holthion) during the quest to obtain the amulet of Othainian, which is used as a key for a chest that contains the shadow of Iban.


100% drops

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Ashes.png Ashes 1 1Always
Amulet of Othainian.png Amulet of Othainian 1* 1Always

* During the quest.

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