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Entrance to the Phoenix Gang hideout and weapons store

The Phoenix Gang is one of two gangs introduced to the player in the Shield of Arrav quest, with the other being the Black Arm Gang. They are credited with originally stealing the Shield of Arrav in the book obtained during the quest. To become a member of the Phoenix Gang during the quest, the player must kill travel to the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock and kill Jonny the Beard.

The Phoenix and Black Arm gangs were featured again in Hero's Quest. Phoenix Gang members need the assistance of a player in the opposite gang in order to complete both quests.


Phoenix Gang hideout

The gangs headquarters is located underground in southeast Varrock, accessed via a ladder. The ladder is found just inside a small building down an alleyway, and leads underground to a chamber where you will find the man known as Straven. He is guarding a door which requires gang membership to enter. Opening the door while being a gang member results in the following message being displayed:

  • The door is opened for you
  • You go through the door

Beyond the door are 4 thieves and a hallway with two rooms. In the corner of the southeast room is a chest with the Shield of Arrav's bottom half inside.

The gang also has a weapon storage located on the upper floor of the building east of the headquarters entrance. A key to enter the storage area and Phoenix Gang membership is given to the player by Straven.

The Shrimp and Parrot restaurant

Phoenix Gang members can be found at The Shrimp and Parrot restaurant in Brimhaven. One works as a waiter, and another as a cook. There is also a secret passage within the building, and it appears that the entire restaurant is within the gangs control.

Known members


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