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Pirates' Hideout map

Map of the Hall

The Pirates' Hideout is a building in high-level wilderness that requires a Lockpick and level 39 Thieving to enter. It houses 11 Pirates, all of which are aggressive and one Half a Redberry pie spawns on the table, making it a sustainable and afk training method.

Pirates' Hideout

Chests Edit

The house features two level 13 chests on the eastern wall that contain 10 coins and give 7.5 thieving experience and 0.133% fatigue. On the southern wall there is a 50 coins chest (on the south-west side) giving 125 thieving experience and 2.633% fatigue and one Nature-Rune chest (south-east side) that requires 28 thieving and gives 25 thieving experience and 0.533% fatigue.

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