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Quest details

Name: Plague City
Release date: 27 August 2002 (Update)
Pay-to-play: Yes
Start: Talk to Edmond in the house north of Ardougne Castle, by the wall of West Ardougne.
Length: Short-Medium
Requirements: None
Items needed:
Monsters to defeat: None
Recommended: None


Getting Started

Plague city start

Entering the Plague City

Inside the Plague City

  • Talk to Jethick as you come out of the sewer, he tells that Elena used to stay with Rehnison family and asks you to return the book.
  • Go to the house slightly north-west (brown and white exterior) and try to walk inside.
  • Ted Rehnison will take the book from you as you walk in. Speak to him and he will tell you to talk to his daughter Milli.
    Brown and white house
  • Milli Rehnison will direct you to an abandoned house in the south-east of West Ardougne. You will be stopped from entering the house, as you need a warrant.
  • Go to the Civic Office of West Ardougne above the square (checkerboard on the minimap), and ask the clerk who is through the door.
  • Tell her it is urgent and you will be granted access.
  • Talk to Bravek, who will tell you about a hangover cure, and give you a Scruffy note describing how to make a hangover cure.
    Checkbooooord hous
Hangover cure-0
  • Elena is hidden in the basement - find the little key hidden in the barrel that is closet to the staircase. Use the key on the gate to release her. Talk to her father Edmond for your reward.
Plague City - Saving Elena

Saving Elena from West Ardougne


Plague completed

Quest complete!

Quest series

Next quest: Biohazard


  • The clock on the front of the civic building takes up floor tiles, and players are unable to walk beneath it, although it appears to be on the first floor.
  • The clock is also seen to be set at approximately 5:47, using a 12 hour face, or 11:47 using a 24 hour face.
  • If a player has the Little key and tries to open the gate to free Elena they will get the message, "The gate is locked Why don't you use your key on the gate?".

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