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Prayer is one of the 18 skills in RuneScape Classic. Visit the Prayer article for more information about this skill.

There is not much of a market for bones in RSC (although you can occasionally buy dragon bone certs), so to train Prayer, you will either have to kill monsters yourself, bury bones that respawn on the ground, or bury bones left behind by other players. As the market for bones is minimal, dragon bone certs are usually extremely expensive and in great demand.

Burying bones left behind by other players

This is NOT a reliable method, and can only really be depended on at all shortly after a server reopening, when you will usually find players killing chickens, cows, and goblins around Lumbridge. They will often leave behind bones which can be picked up and buried for 3.75 experience each.

Burying bones that respawn on the ground

  • There are some big bones and multiple regular bones respawns in the Bone Yard in the Wilderness, east of the ruins. However, beware that there are aggressive skeletons in the area and you may also be attacked by other players. There's also some bone respawns around the Grave of Scorpius.
  • Fight Arena offers 13 bone spawns and players can achieve around 3.5k prayer xp an hour there. The arena has the added bonus of have no monsters in it as well as not being in the Wilderness. Players need not finish the quest to access it or kill any monsters.

Burying bones of monsters you kill

This is the normal method for Prayer training on RSC. What you kill for bones will vary based on your Combat level.

Low combat

Low-level players may want to bury normal bones that are equal to 3.75 XP when buried:

Really anything that you can kill fast and has a large number. If you can kill things that drop big bones move onto them and skip these.

Medium combat

These drop big bones that yield 12.5 XP each:

High Combat

High-level players may want to kill dragons that drop Dragon Bones. Each bones give 60 XP each.

Buying Dragonbone Certificates

Wealthy players may buy Dragon Bone Certificates and bury them by Sidney Smith the certer in Yanille. There are beds upstairs for quick fatigue recovery.

Burying certed dragon bones at Yanille can yield up to (105k ± 5k) Prayer experience per hour if trained efficiently

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