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  • Priest: Welcome to the church of holy Saradomin
    • Player: Who's Saradomin?
      • Priest: Surely you have heard of the God, Saradomin?
      • Priest: He who created the forces of goodness and purity in this world?
      • Priest: I cannot believe your ignorance!
      • Priest: This is the God with more followers than any other!
      • Priest: At least in these parts!
      • Priest: He who along with Guthix and Zamorak created this world
        • Player: Oh sorry I'm not from this world
        • Priest: That's strange
        • Priest: I thought things not from this world were all slime and tentacles
          • Player: You don't understand. This is a computer game
            • Priest: I beg your pardon?
            • Player: Never mind
          • Player: I am - do you like my disguise?
            • Priest: Aargh begone foul creature from another dimension
              • Player: Ok, Ok, It[sic] was a joke
    • Player: Nice place you've got here
      • Priest: It is, isn't it?
      • Priest: It was built 230 years ago
    • Player: I'm looking for a quest
      • Priest: Sorry I only had the one quest
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