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During Prince Ali Rescue quest

  • Player: Prince, I come to rescue you
  • Prince Ali: That is very very kind of you, how do I get out?
  • Player: With a disguise, I have removed the Lady Keli
  • Player: She is tied up, but will not stay tied up for long
  • [player has disguise and key]
  • Player: Take this disguise, and this key
  • (You hand the disguise and the key to the prince)
  • Prince Ali: Thankyou my friend, I must leave you now
  • Prince Ali: My father will pay you well for this
  • (That is an effective disguise)
  • Player: Go to Leela, she is close to here
  • (The prince has escaped, well done!)
  • (You are now a friend of Al kharid)
  • (And may pass through the Al Kharid toll gate for free)

After During Prince Ali Rescue quest

Cannot be accessed after quest. Players receive the following message when they attempt to open the door to reach him:

You'd better get rid of Lady Keli before trying to go through there
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