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Quests interface menu, with completed quests in green.

Quests are groups of related tasks, usually delegated and driven between the player and multiple non-player characters. These can take varying amounts of time to complete and form some sort of cohesive story, comprised of dialogue and scripted events. Upon completing a quest, the player will receive a pre-determined number of Quest Points (QP) and some type of reward in the form of coins, items, skill experience (XP), or access to new content.

There are a total of 50 quests in the game, with the last to be released being Legend's Quest. The list of quests can be found by clicking the Quest tab on the right side of the Stats page. Quests that have been highlighted in green are those that have been completed, otherwise they are marked red.

Since the release of pay-to-play membership, every quest has been exclusively available to members only. The last free-to-play quest to be released was Dragon Slayer.

Quest requirements

The following shows the minimum skill requirements to complete every quest in the game. Temporary skill boosts may be used to meet the skill requirements.

Skill Level Quest
Agility 50 Legend's Quest
Attack 20 The Holy Grail
Cooking 53 Hero's Quest
Crafting 50 Legend's Quest
Defense none
Firemaking 30 Sea Slug
Fishing 53 Hero's Quest
Fletching 10 Tourist Trap
Herblaw 45 Legend's Quest
Hits none
Magic 59 (60) Family Crest (Mage Arena)
Mining 52 Legend's Quest
Prayer 42 Legend's Quest
Ranged 35 Temple of Ikov
Smithing 50 Legend's Quest
Strength 50 Legend's Quest
Thieving 50 Legend's Quest
Woodcut 50 Legend's Quest
Quest points 107 Legend's Quest
Total level 710 (711) All Quests

Quest list

Free-to-play quests

Although access to RuneScape Classic was eventually closed to free-to-play, the following is a list of quests that were originally playable to everyone.

Name Difficulty Length Requirements Notable rewards
Black Knight's Fortress
Medium 12 QP 3 QP
Cook's Assistant
Short none 1 QP, Cooking XP, access to the Cook's Range
Demon Slayer
Medium Defeat lvl-30 demon 3 QP, Silverlight
Doric's Quest
Short 15 Mining* 1 QP, Mining XP, access to Doric's anvils
Dragon Slayer
Long 32 QP, 34 Smithing*, 33 Magic, defeat lvl-43, 79, & 100 monsters 2 QP, Defense & Strength XP, ability to wear Rune Plate Mail Body
Ernest the Chicken
Short none 4 QP
Goblin Diplomacy
Medium none 5 QP, Crafting XP
Imp Catcher
Long (can be very short) none 1 QP, Magic XP, amulet of accuracy
The Knight's Sword
Short-Medium 2nd player, 15 Smithing*, 10 Cooking*, 10 Mining 1 QP, Smithing XP
Pirate's Treasure
Medium none 2 QP
Prince Ali Rescue
Medium none 3 QP, free passage through Al Kharid toll gate
The Restless Ghost
Short Withstand combat from lvl-19 skeleton 1 QP, Prayer XP
Romeo & Juliet
Short none 5 QP
Sheep Shearer
Short none 1 QP, Crafting XP
Shield of Arrav
Medium 2nd player, defeat lvl-10 or lvl-25 monsters 1 QP
Vampire Slayer
Short Defeat lvl-43 vampire 3 QP, Attack XP
Witch's Potion
Short Defeat lvl-2 rat* 1 QP

* The requirement applies only if the player gathers the item through the skill themselves. However, they can be obtained through other means.

Pay-to-play quests

Name Difficulty Length Requirements Notable rewards
Medium-Long Plague City 3 QP, Thieving XP, access to Combat Training Camp & through Ardounge wall gateway
Clock Tower
Long Withstand combat from lvl-58 ogres 1 QP
Long Druidic Ritual, 25 Thieving, 10 Agility & Herblaw 2 QP, Herblaw & Mining XP
Druidic Ritual
Short Withstand combat from lvl-32 bats Access to Herblaw, 4 QP, Herblaw XP
Dwarf Cannon
Medium Withstand combat from lvl-32 bats 1 QP, Crafting XP, access to buy dwarf cannon & make cannonballs
Family Crest
Long 59 Magic, 40 Crafting, Mining, & Smithing 1 QP, steel gauntlets
Fight Arena
Short Defeat lvl-46, 58, & 122 monsters 2 QP, Attack & Thieving XP
Fishing Contest
Short 10 Fishing 1 QP, Fishing XP, access to Dwarven tunnel under White Wolf Mountain
Grand Tree
Medium-Long 25 Agility, defeat lvl-175 demon 5 QP, Agility, Attack, & Magic XP, access to Tree Gnome Stronghold mine, gnome gliders, full access to Spirit Trees
Gertrude's Cat
Short 5 Fishing* 1 QP, Cooking XP, access to kittens
The Hazeel Cult
Short Defeat lvl-13 monster (depending on choice) 1 QP, Thieving XP
Hero's Quest
Medium-Long 2nd player, Dragon Slayer, Lost City, Merlin's Crystal, Shield of Arrav, 55 QP, 53 Cooking & Fishing, 50 Mining, 25 Herblaw 1 QP, Attack, Cooking, Defense, Firemaking, Fishing, Herblaw, Hits, Mining, Ranged, Smithing, Strength, & Woodcut XP, access to Heroes' Guild, ability to wield dragon axe
The Holy Grail
Medium-Long Merlin's Crystal, defeat lvl-146 titan 2 QP, Defense & Prayer XP
Jungle Potion
Short-Medium Druidic Ritual, 3 Herblaw, withstand combat from lvl-58 jogres 1 QP, Herblaw XP
Legend's Quest
Long 107 QP, 56 Magic, 52 Mining, 50 Agility, Crafting, Smithing, Strength, Thieving, & Woodcutting, 45 Herblaw, 42 Prayer, defeat lvl-92, 100, 106, & 172 demon 4 QP, Agility, Attack, Crafting, Defense, Herblaw, Hits, Magic, Prayer, Smithing, Strength, Thieving, or Woodcutting choice XP, access to Legends' Guild, ability to purchase cape of legends
Lost City
Short 36 Woodcut, 31 Crafting, defeat lvl-95 tree spirit 3 QP, access to Zanaris, ability to wield dragon sword
Merlin's Crystal
Medium-Long 2nd player, defeat lvl-58 monster 6 QP
Monk's Friend
Short none 1 QP, Woodcut XP
Murder Mystery
Short-Medium none 3 QP, Crafting XP
Observatory Quest
Short 10 Crafting**, withstand combat from lvl-48 goblin 2 QP, Crafting XP, Attack, Defense, Hits, or Strength choice XP, ability to make Unholy Symbols of Zamorak
Plague City
Short-Medium none 1 QP, Mining XP, ability to cast Ardougne teleport
Scorpion Catcher
Medium Bar Crawl, 31 Prayer 1 QP, Strength XP, ability to enchant battlestaves
Sea Slug
Short 30 Firemaking 1 QP, Fishing XP
Sheep Herder
Short (can be long) none 4 QP
Shilo Village
Long Jungle Potion, 32 Agility, 20 Crafting, 4 Smithing, defeat 3 lvl-83 monsters 2 QP, Crafting XP, access to Shilo Village
Temple of Ikov
Medium 65 Fletching*, 42 Thieving, 35 Ranged, defeat lvl-63 monster 1 QP, Fletching & Ranged XP, ability to wield Staff of Armadyl
Tourist Trap
Medium 20 Smithing, 10 Fletching, defeat lvl-64 monster 2 QP, Agility, Fletching, Smithing, or Thieving choice XP, ability to make Throwing darts, access to Desert Mining Camp mine
Tree Gnome Village
Medium Defeat lvl-100 monster 2 QP, Attack XP, Gnome Emerald Amulet of protection, partial access to Spirit Trees
Tribal Totem
Medium 21 Thieving 1 QP, Thieving XP
Underground Pass
Long Biohazard, 25 Ranged, defeat 3 lvl-71, 3 lvl-78, & lvl-98 monsters 5 QP, Agility & Attack XP, Staff of Iban
Medium-Long 40 Mining, 30 Agility, 15 Thieving, 14 Herblaw & Magic, defeat lvl-68 ogre 4 QP, Magic XP, ability to cast Watchtower teleport
Waterfall Quest
Medium Withstand combat from lvl-109 giants 1 QP, Attack & Strength XP
Witch's House
Short Defeat lvl-24, 34, 44, & 54 monsters 4 QP, Hits XP

* The requirement applies only if the player gathers the item through the skill themselves. However, they can be obtained through other means.
** The Observatory Quest is glitched in that it gives a message if the player's level is low, but still performs the action.

2-person quests

Most quests in RSC are designed to be completed by the player solo, however 4 quests require the assistance of another player.


Mini-quests are a similar concept to quests in RuneScape in that certain tasks must be done. But unlike quests, they are not shown in the Quests tab, no Quest Points are given, and they are generally shorter in length than quests. In RSC, only one mini-quest was featured, the Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl, being required to access the Barbarian Outpost Agility Course and finish the Scorpion Catcher quest.


  • In the early days of RSC, some quests awarded Influence upon quest completion—the early form of Quest Points.
  • Checking quest status was added in 28 May 2001. Previously, players had to manually keep note of their missing quests and some did not even know of quests.
    • Unlike in RuneScape 2, quests remain colored red until they are completed. Quests in progress aren't colored yellow.
  • Unlike its successors, most quests upon completion in RSC do not mention they give skill experience and just give it hidden. It started to be discovered by players who would advance a level after finishing a quest that it became known into guides. Even so, many believed the experience reward was a flat amount rather than based on the player's skill level.
  • Even though the majority of quests give a message of quest completion such as "you have completed the X quest", this is not the case for all (for example, the Fight Arena and Jungle Potion quests).
  • Prior to 24 June 2001, the quest start point was not given on the official world maps.
  • Pre-existing quests have undergone significant change after first being recreated for the release of RS2. In RuneScape 3:
    • Sheep Shearer and Witch's Potion quests were re-classified as mini-quests and no longer award Quest Points;
    • Demon Slayer and Druidic Ritual were changed considerably to add to their stories;
    • 2-person quests were modified to be single-player quests;
    • Black Knight's Fortress, Doric's Quest, Prince Ali Rescue, and Romeo & Juliet quests were outright removed in favor of new quests.