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Renegade knight
Renegade knight

Released 27 February 2002 (Update)
Combat level 51
Hitpoints 48
Stats (?) 50/55/53
Hits XP (?) 30.5
Experience (?) 91.5
Fatigue (?) 1.22%
Hostility Aggressive (?)
Pay-to-play Yes
Poisonous No
Max hit 7
Weakness None
Examine He isn't very friendly

The Renegade knights are monsters located in Keep LeFaye and featured during the Merlin's Crystal quest. They drop the same items as regular Black Knights.

Locations Edit

  • Keep LeFaye
    • Ground floor (3 spawns)
    • Middle floor (4 spawns)


100% dropEdit

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Bones Bones 1 1Always

Runes Edit

Weapons & ArmourEdit

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Earth-Rune Earth-Rune 7 2Common
Body-Rune Body-Rune 6 2Common
Chaos-Rune Chaos-Rune 4 3Uncommon
Death-Rune Death-Rune 1 3Uncommon
Cosmic-Rune Cosmic-Rune 1 3Uncommon
Law-Rune Law-Rune 2 3Uncommon

Herbs Edit

All herbs are dropped in Unidentified form.

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Shortbow Shortbow 1 2Common
Iron Short Sword Iron Short Sword 1 2Common
Large Iron Helmet Large Iron Helmet 1 2Common
Steel Mace Steel Mace 1 3Uncommon
Image Item Quantity Rarity
Herb Guam leaf 1 2Common
Herb Marrentill 1 2Common
Herb Tarromin 1 2Common
Herb Harralander 1 2Common
Herb Ranarr Weed 1 3Uncommon
Herb Irit Leaf 1 3Uncommon
Herb Avantoe 1 3Uncommon
Herb Kwuarm 1 3Uncommon
Herb Cadantine 1 4Rare
Herb Dwarf Weed 1 4Rare

Rare drop table Edit

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Uncut sapphire Uncut sapphire 1 4Rare
Uncut emerald Uncut emerald 1 4Rare
Uncut ruby Uncut ruby 1 4Rare
Uncut diamond Uncut diamond 1 5Very rare
Half of a key (tooth) Half of a key 1 5Very rare
Half of a key (loop) Half of a key 1 5Very rare
Half Dragon Square Shield 1 Half Dragon Square Shield 1 5Very rare


Image Item Quantity Rarity
Coins Coins 1–58 2Common
Steel bar Steel bar 1 2Common
Flour Flour 1 3Uncommon
Tin ore Tin ore 1 3Uncommon
Bread Bread 1 4Rare
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