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Robes of Zamorak are Magic and Prayer robes found in RuneScape Classic. The robes are a two-part set comprised of the robe of Zamorak (top) and robe of Zamorak (bottom). They can be obtained as a drop from Iban disciples who are found in the Underground Pass during the quest. Alternatively, they can be obtained as a drop received by killing Necromancers.

The robes give a +6 Prayer stat bonus, which slows down the drain rate of Prayer points. They also give a +10 Magic stat bonus, which decreases the chance of failing to cast Magic spells. Although neither part is as good for Prayer bonuses as its counterpart in the Monks robes outfit, the robes of Zamorak are a good choice for players looking to increase their Magic bonus. The robe bottom does provide the highest Magic bonus of all leg-wear items in RSC. The robe top has 1 fewer Magic bonus than the Wizards' robe (blue), but it could still be favored in some situations because the robe of Zamorak (top) also has a +3 Prayer bonus.

Set bonuses

Bonuses Iban disciple
An Iban disciple wearing Robes of Zamorak.
Aim Power Armour Magic Prayer
0 0 0 10 6


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