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Rommik's Crafty Supplies
Rommik's Crafty Supplies.png
Released 8 May 2001 (Update)
Pay-to-play No
Location Southwest Rimmington
Owner Rommik
Type of shop Crafting supplies
Quest requirement None
Skill requirement None

The location of Rommik's Craft Supplies is indicated by the chisel symbol.

Rommik's Crafty Supplies is a shop located in southwest Rimmington. It is owned by Rommik, who buys and sells Crafting supplies.

The shop is identical to Dommik's Crafting Store in Al Kharid. However, unlike in RuneScape 2, no shops in RuneScape Classic share stock with another shop -- they operate independently.


Dommik's Crafting Store.png

Image Item Stock Buy price Sell price
Chisel.png Chisel 2 1 gp 0 gp
Ring mould.png Ring mould 4 5 gp 3 gp
Necklace mould.png Necklace mould 2 5 gp 3 gp
Amulet mould.png Amulet mould 2 5 gp 3 gp
Needle.png Needle 3 1 gp 0 gp
Thread.png Thread 100 1 gp 0 gp
Holy symbol mould.png Holy symbol mould 3 5 gp 3 gp

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