The Article of the Month (A.K.A. Featured Articles) are articles within the wiki that the community thinks are so good that they deserve to be featured on the main page.

  1. June 2010 - ?


<currently none>


For the Article

  • The article is well-written and informative of the subject
  • The article has references to back up statements/facts
  • The article has a neutral point of view (it is not biased)
  • The article has some pictures to better understand the subject
  • The article is easy to read and understandable

Voting for an Article

  • Nominations start the month before (if it's June, vote for a July article)
  • The voting process takes the whole month. An article can't be claimed as featured until the month is over
  • Users may vote for more than 1 article

How to Nominate an Article

  1. Put {{nominated}} on the top of the article
  2. Create a page called RuneScape Classic:Article of the Month/PAGE NAME HERE. On the created page put ===[[PAGE NAME HERE]]===. Then state your reasoning. After your reasons, put ====Discussion====.
  3. Under the Nominations section, place {{RuneScape Classic:Article of the Month/PAGE NAME HERE}}.

Previously Featured

The following is a chronological list of all previously featured articles.

When Finished Voting

(To be done every month)

  1. The {{nominated}} template needs to be removed from every nominated page
  2. On the page which won, put {{Featured page|month year}}
  3. An archive must be created that holds all of the nominations. It should be called RuneScape Classic:Article of the Month/Archive number. The number increases by 1 every month. Protect it. Then clear the nominations.
  4. Add the newly featured page to the list of previously featured articles.
  5. Update Template:Featuredarticle and add the old featured article to Template:Featuredarticle/Old

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