This project is about maintaining the images on the RuneScape Classic wiki. Be it cropping images, replacing them, or adding transparency.


Image MaintenanceThis user contributes to the Image Maintenance Project.

Add {{User Image}} to your user page.


Project Leaders

  1. Nex UndiqueTalk

Project Members

If you wish to be in this project, please sign your name first with # and then add ~~~.

  1. ZorakTalk
  2. Sirnot1
  3. UserStaff of IbanIsaacganzWizardshat (blue)Talk
  4. King Vivil Talk
  5. VvaveVvave
  6. Sir Punchula
  7. Supermoe1985
  8. Trail2006

What To Do

  • Add {{jpeg}} to all JPEG/JPEG-derived images, so that they may be replaced with a higher-quality PNG image
  • Add {{transparent}} to all images without a transparent background
  • Add {{gif}} to all GIF/GIF-derived images, so that they may be replaced with PNG images

What Not To Do

  • Don't just convert a JPEG or GIF image into a PNG image. It won't increase the quality, and will just increase the size. You should find the subject again, and take a new picture.

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