Current Poll


Name Date
Are you excited about the Wiki moving? 27 December 2018
Do you like the seasonal title image for Fall? 2 October 2018
Do you like the new Did You Know section on the homepage? 25 August 2018
How sad are you that RSC is closing after 17 years? 23 May 2018
Which RSC Wiki pages do you find the most useful? 2 October 2017
When did you first log in to RuneScape Classic? 12 January 2016
What do you think is the future of RuneScape Classic? 17 August 2014
How do you think we can gain more users on our Wiki? 7 January 2012
How do you like our new theme? 19 June 2011
Jagex plans to make a RS2 cape for those who play RSC. What do you think of this? 21 April 2011
What would you like Jagex to do with RuneScape Classic in the coming months? 5 March 2011
In Runescape Classic, what is your favourite thing to do? 16 February 2011
How often can you be found playing Runescape Classic? 20 January 2011
Which part of RSCW do you like the best? 5 October 2010
Do you like the new design? Do you want us to change it? 4 October 2010
Do you like the new Oasis skin? 4 October 2010
Do you think we should organise a Spring-Meeting, and so futher every season? 20 March 2010
Are you allowed to play RuneScape Classic? 8 March 2010
What do you think is a good way of bringing attention to this wiki? 4 February 2010
What holiday item would you like if it was re-dropped in RSC? 9 January 2010
What would you like to see more on this wiki? 11 December 2009
In which continent do you live? 11 December 2009

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