The Voting Box is a defunct feature created as a wiki contributor's attempt to improve the wiki. However, it was never actually policy (1, 2, 3, 4). This page, along with its sub-page and talk page, are left in tact for wiki historical purposes. All previous Voting Boxes were archived and the link/page to the previous archive of Voting Boxes were removed.

If you wish to hold a poll on implementing some type of project, update, or great change to the wiki's content, please first review RuneScape Classic:Polls before starting up a discussion on the forum.



Welcome to the Runescape Classic Wiki's Voting Box! Here we hold polls and votes on official matters of Runescape Classic Wiki. We have a wiki-wide vote and discussion on very important matters of RSC Wiki.

How this works

The Voting Box works by community vote. A user creates a Vote Box, discusses the matter at hand, and gives two different ways for others to respond. These ways are:

  • By Poll
  • By Discussion Vote

After a time period of 7 days, the Vote Box is closed, and results are analyzed by RSCW admins. When the results come, they will be posted on the List of Vote Boxes page (under Results), and the community can either "accept or object". If the objects rule over the accepts, the Vote Box is reopened for 1 day for a re-vote. The results of the vote will be put into action straight after the overall vote ends. After one week, the results will be archived.

Requirements to open a Vote Box

Also, unlike the Yew Grove, a Vote Box cannot be freely created, you must send your request to the Vote Box Requests page, and your request will be either accepted or denied. If accepted, the admins will post a link to your new Vote Box on the List of Vote Boxes page. The requirements for a Vote Box are:

  1. It must be on a very important matter of the wiki
  2. It must be a new topic, any past Vote Boxes may not be re-created
  3. The request must state the reason to open the Vote Box, and a short description on what you plan to achieve with the results.

Ready to begin?

Then please click on one of links below, depending on if you want to comment on a current Vote Box, or you want to make a request.

[[Runescape Classic:Voting Box/List of Vote Boxes|The Vote Boxes]]

Request a Voting Box

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