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The Rune Chain Mail Body is the one of the most common chain mail bodies for players to wear in the game. Players with a Smithing level of 96 or higher can make rune chain mail bodies from three runite bars, yielding 225 experience.

The price of the rune chain mail body in Scavvo's Rune Shop is 50,000 coins, however some players may sell them for cheaper. It is commonly used by stakers or pures as it only needs 40 Defense and does not require a quest to wear, unlike the Rune Plate Mail Body. Sometimes, players who are able to access the Rune Plate Mail Body choose the Rune chain mail body as it allows use of Klank's gauntlets, which provide a greater amount of WeaponAim and WeaponPower while sacrificing some Armour bonus.



Store Location Stock
Scavvo's Rune Shop Champions' Guild 1

Dropped by

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Black Demon 156, 175 1 4Rare