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The Rune Plate Mail Body is the strongest plate mail body available in RuneScape Classic.

A player must first complete the Dragon Slayer quest to be able to equip and buy a rune plate mail body from Oziach in Edgeville. In addition, a player must also have a defense level of at least 40 to equip it.

Besides Oziach, the only other way to obtain a rune plate mail body is through the smithing skill. Players can smith rune plate mail bodies from 5 runite bars at level 99 smithing, giving 375 experience.

As with all plate mail bodies, wearing this means you are unable to equip any gloves, which, to some players is a disadvantage as Klank's Gauntlets and Steel gauntlets provide a WeaponAim and WeaponPower bonus. Some players choose to wear a rune chain mail body and gauntlets over the rune plate mail body, which in theory should kill monsters faster and raise XP and drop rates.