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A Rune Spear is a spear that can be obtained as a drop from various monsters. It is the strongest spear in RuneScape Classic, requiring level 35 Ranged and level 40 Attack to equip.


Around 2009-2010, some players thought of the rune spear as a valuable item due to the there having been a very low number of players fighting monsters which drop them. After many players left Classic for considerable lengths of time, the rarity of the Rune Spear and lack of new stock coming onto the market had inflated in price. The remaining community thus gave it a rough price of around 10 million coins.

As of 2017, many more players are fighting high level monsters, but the rune spear is still not a commonly traded item. Sometimes offers can go as high as 1 million coins, but due to low demand, the perceived value of a rune spear is not high.

Dropped by

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Black Dragon 200 1 5Very rare
King Black Dragon 245 1 5Very rare
Shadow Warrior 64 1 5Very rare
Hobgoblin 32 1 5Very rare