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Saradomin Holy Symbol of saradomin (unstrung) is one of the major gods of RuneScape Classic. He is the god of order and is followed almost exclusively by humans and Icyene. Many humans believe that he along with Guthix and Zamorak created Gielinor thousands of years ago. The island of Entrana is the place where Saradomin set foot on Gielinor, thus, monks revere Entrana as holy by forbidding weapons and armour on the isle. The kingdom of Asgarnia is firmly aligned with Saradomin, as seen as the by the presence of the white knights and various churches.

Saradominist itemsEdit

There are various Saradomin-related items in the game, including:

Saradomin stoneEdit

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Saradomin stone

Saradomin stone in Mage Arena

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