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During combat, the scythe draws blood.

The Scythe was the last holiday item added to RuneScape Classic and was dropped around Gielinor during the 2003 Hallowe'en event. Like the bunny ears, it is an untradeable item. Players who originally owned a scythe and have lost it can get another by talking to Thessalia in Varrock. Casting telekinetic grab on this item is unsuccessful, and results in the following message being displayed: I can't use telekinetic grab on this object

Due to an oversight as the result of rushing the event, the scythe is permitted on the island of Entrana. With stats equal to the iron long sword, this gives an advantage to players trying to defeat the Tree spirit during the Lost City quest.



With the expected date for the RuneScape 2 beta nearing and some Jagex employees working overtime for it, Andrew Gower put up a poll on the website asking if players would prefer he skipped creating a 2003 Hallowe'en event in favor of putting more time toward developing the beta. A majority of participants were in favor of delaying the beta so that a Halloween event could happen. On 31 October 2003, scythes were dropped like previous holiday item events.

Due to complaints by players who did not receive a scythe, Jagex re-dropped them a few days later on the 2 November 2003 (Update). After this drop, Jagex stopped releasing holiday items as drops due to the controversy among players. It was the very last item added to RSC before Jagex released RS2 — skipping a Christmas 2003 event.