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Shaman robe is a quest item obtained during Watchtower from one of the dead shamans in the Ogre Enclave.

The robe is given to Watchtower Wizard who teaches then how to make Magic ogre potion to kill the shamans.

It gives a Powering crystal3 when searched if the player has made at least once a Magic ogre potion and does not already have a crystal. However, obtaining the crystal this way does not allow them to proceed into mining the Rock of Dalgroth until after they have killed the shamans. The item cannot be worn.


  • (You search the robe)
  • [Player not having a powering crystal 3 already]
    • (You find a crystal wrapped in the folds of the material)
  • [Player having the crystal in inventory]
    • (You find nothing)
  • [Player not having the crystal in inventory but in bank]
    • Player: I already have this in my bank