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Shields are pieces of armour which cannot be equipped at the same time as a two-handed weapon, such as 2-handed Swords or a Magic longbow. All shields can be made with the smithing skill, but only bronze, iron, steel, and mithril shields can be purchased from Cassie's Shields (and in the case of mithril, only the square shield can be purchased).

Metal shields (excluding the Dragon Square Shield) fall into two categories - square shields and kite shields, kite shields having a higher armour bonus.

The Wooden Shield is a special type of shield commonly used by new players. It can be obtained from Cassie's Shields, and is given to players on Tutorial Island.

The anti-dragon shield is a special type of shield obtained from the Duke of Lumbridge as part of the Dragon Slayer quest. It provides protection from dragon's breath attacks.

The Dragon Square Shield is the best shield in RuneScape Classic. It is obtained from taking two halves, the right purchased from Fionella in the Legends' Guild, the left obtained as a very rare monster drop, and joining them together using the smithing skill. There is no dragon kite shield.

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