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Location on World Map
Tai Bwo Wannai Ship yard Tutorial Island
Shilo Village

Ship yard map.png

The Ship yard is a fenced off area located on the island of Karamja, east of Tai Bwo Wannai. It is being used by Glough to build a fleet of gnomish war ships, and is inhabited by shipyard workers and shipyard foremen under his employment.

Players can only access this area after learning the password required for entry during the Grand Tree quest. After completing the quest, there is no way to gain re-entry.

Several tribesmen and jungle spiders roam the area outside of the fence gate. There are two shipyard workers who wander nearby the outside of the fence gate.

Getting there

Besides walking from Brimhaven, there are several two-way Gnome gliders which can take you to the ship yard. These locations allow travel in both directions:


  • 13 Shipyard workers inside the fenced area with 2 outside the fence
  • 2 Shipyard foremen, one in a building and the other on the dock

Notable features


  • The examine for all the ships at various states of construction are "A ship to Karamja" which is factually incorrect as they are intended to be ships that will invade Port Sarim.