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Siegfried Erkle

If player has not completed the Legend's Quest

  • Siegfried Erkle: I'm sorry but the services of this shop are only for
  • Siegfried Erkle: the pleasure of those who are rightfull members of the
  • Siegfried Erkle: Legends Guild. I would get into serious trouble if I sold
  • Siegfried Erkle: a non-member an item from this store.

After player has Legend's Quest

  • Siegfried Erkle:
  • Hello there and welcome to shop of useful items.
  • Can I help you at all?
    • Yes please, what are you selling
      • Player: Yes please, what are you selling
      • 'Siegfried Erkle':' Take a look
      • (Shop interface opens)
    • No thanks
      • Player: No thanks
    • Siegfried Erkle: Ok, well, if you change your mind, do pop back.
    • (Conversation ends)
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