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skeleton mage
Released 24 September 2002 (Update)
Pay-to-play Yes
Combat level 21
Max hit 3
Stats (?) 24/20/23
Hitpoints 17
Experience (?) 46.5
Ranged XP (?) 62
Hits XP (?) 15.5
Fatigue (?) 0.62%
Hostility Aggressive (?)
Poisonous No
Poisonable Yes
Weakness Crumble undead
Examine It rattles as it walks

Skeleton mages are monsters found in the Waterfall dungeon. When they target a player to attack, they start by saying "i infect your body with rot", and cast a Magic spell on them that resembles Confuse, Weaken, and Curse, as it lowers the player's Attack, Strength, and Defense levels by 5%.

It is important to note that even if the monster does not end up fighting the player, as there are other aggressive monsters in the dungeon such as skeletons and shadow spiders, they leave them weakened by casting the spell before engaging in melee combat.


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Image Item Quantity Rarity
Bones Bones 1 1Always
Coins Coins 1–6 2Common
Medium Bronze Helmet Medium Bronze Helmet 1 4Rare


All herbs are dropped in unidentified form. Torstol is not among them.

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Herb Guam leaf 1 2Common
Herb Marrentill 1 2Common
Herb Tarromin 1 2Common
Herb Harralander 1 2Common
Herb Ranarr weed 1 3Uncommon
Herb Irit leaf 1 3Uncommon
Herb Avantoe 1 3Uncommon
Herb Kwuarm 1 3Uncommon
Herb Cadantine 1 4Rare
Herb Dwarf weed 1 4Rare
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