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Soft Clay is an item which can be used with Pottery wheels to craft at lower levels. It is also an item required to proceed through some quests.

Creating Soft Clay

To make soft clay the player must:

  1. Mine clay (requiring only level 1 mining and giving 5 experience when mined)
  2. Use a bucket of water or jug of water on the dry clay to create soft clay.

Clay rock locations

Number Location
4 Crafting Guild mine
16 Desert Mining Camp mine
3 Dwarven Mine
2 Port Khazard mine
1 Rimmington mine
4 Tree Gnome Stronghold mine
2 Varrock southwest mine

Using Soft Clay

There are two locations with pottery facilities, including a pottery oven and pottery wheel: The Barbarian Village and the Crafting Guild (which requires level 40 crafting and for the player to be wearing a brown apron for entry)

  1. First the soft clay must be used on the pottery wheel to make an unfired object (unfired pot, unfired bowl, or unfired pie dish)
  2. The unfired product is then used on the pottery oven to harden it. This step has a possibility of failure.

Due to the availability of pots and bowl from shops and item spawns found around Gielinor, pottery with soft clay is mostly useful for training crafting and for the large-scale production of Pie Dishes.

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