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Sound effects are effects incorporated into Runescape Classic to enhance certain actions such as fighting a monster. They are members-only feature and as such on free-to-play worlds the corresponding sound effects file would not be loaded.

Unique sound effects appear for the following actions:

Action Sound
Being under attack
Fighting against armoured npcs

Fighting against undead npcs

Fighting against all other types of npcs or a player

Fighting against a dummy
Being victorious after the fight
Dying after the fight
After issuing a projectile
Running out of ammo
Casting successfully a spell
Failing to cast a spell
Activating a prayer
Deactivating a prayer
Recharging prayer points at an altar
Passing through a secret door
Opening a door
Closing a door
Filling a jug, pot, or bucket
Taking an object
Dropping an object
Paying at a shop
Picking up from a resource field such as wheat, potato, etc
Operating something such as hopper or spinning wheel
Clicking on an inventory item to equip
Doing prospect at a rock
Finding a gem whilst mining
Cutting a gem
Smithing at an anvil
Mixing ingredients
Advancing a level


  • There are places where the opening and closing doors sound effects play consecutively. Notably the gates that re-lock themselves after being open.
  • Sound effects such as those for cutting down trees, making a fire and other ones never got into Runescape Classic.
  • In Runescape Classic hitting a dummy triggers a sound effect with no duration. This was possibly an oversight or could have been forgotten.
  • Some skills feature both a sound effect and a bubble
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