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Spears are one-handed Ranged and Melee weapons. They are the strongest type of ranged weapon in the game, and may only be obtained as drops received by killing a variety of monsters. Player's will find that spears may be most commonly received as drops when killing Hobgoblins, Tribesmen and Shadow Warriors.

All spears have the same steel or iron appearance when equipped, no matter the grade of metal the spear is. In addition, they can be poisoned by applying Weapon poison on them. Due to an unknown glitch in Runescape Classic, the poisoned variants do not require any level to use.

Spears do not to stack in a players inventory, making them uncommonly collected or used. Additionally, they are not considered to be very valuable to the average player and many players may find them not worth taking the time to bring to the bank. An exception to this general rule of thumb are rune spears, which are known to be an extremely rare drop, as they have an ultra low chance of being dropped and a very limited number of monsters are known to drop them from the rare drop table.

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