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A example of the spells in the Spellbook.

The Spellbook contains spells which perform various functions and which require runes to be cast, using the magic skill. There is only one Spellbook in RuneScape Classic.

Spell TypesEdit

There are six specific types of spells, each of which has a different function and rune requirements.

Spell Type Description Runes Required
Elemental Spells Combat spells using the four elements air-runes, often another type of elemental-rune, and a combat-rune
Curse Spells Reduce opponent's stats earth-runes, water-runes, and body-runes/soul-runes
Enchantment Spells Cast on amulets or elemental battle staffs to confer additional stats or functions cosmic-runes and elemental-runes
Alchemy Spells Transforms items into coins or other items nature-runes and elemental-runes
Teleport Spells Transfers the player to a different area law-runes and elemental-runes
God Spells Powerful combat spells unlocked in the Mage Arena God Staff, blood-runes, air-runes, and fire-runes


Spell Type Description Runes Required
Summoning Spells Summoning spells to have a follower creature or aid in combat life-runes, elemental-runes, and sometimes essence of the summoned (for example bones)

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