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young spirit Tree Examine: Ancestor of the spirit tree

Spirit Trees are used to teleport to other Spirit Tree locations around RuneScape Classic after completing the Tree Gnome Village quest. Young spirit trees will teleport to Tree Gnome Village where the old spirit tree acts as a hub.


Location Type Map
Tree Gnome Village Old Tree gnome village.png
Tree Gnome Stronghold Adult Spirit Tree stronghold map.png
West of Varrock Palace and north of Lucien's hut Young Spirit Tree varrock map.png
South of Ardougne, between the Battle Field and Carnillean house Young Spirit Tree battle field map.png

An example of a spirit tree


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  • There is a pentagram symbol in front of the Spirit Tree which has been removed in RuneScape 2.
  • Some Spirit Trees are young, which may mean they are offspring of the main Spirit Tree, in the Tree Gnome Village.

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