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The Staff of Armadyl is a quest item used to complete the Temple of Ikov quest if the player sides with Lucien. Players must kill all of the Guardians of Armadyl in the room that staff is in before they can take it. It is then given to Lucien west of Varrock to complete the quest. When the staff is taken, it takes about 10 min for new staff to spawn.

Note: Should a player keep the staff, they should be careful on dropping it as it won't allow them to pick it back after certain progress has been made through the quest. It should be treated as a collector's item.


  • Unlike the other staves, the Staff of Armadyl does not provide any magic bonus.
  • After player has joined the 'good side' or have completed the quest on the 'evil side' they cannot pick up the staff, even if they had dropped it. When they try to do so they get the following message:
"I shouldn't steal this"
  • Players cannot use the Drop trick to obtain multiple staves. Players who attempt to pick up another will get the message:
"I already have one of those"
  • In RS2 and its successors, the staff is no longer wieldable.