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The Steel Long Sword is the third-weakest long sword in RuneScape Classic, stronger than the Iron Long Sword, but weaker than the Black Long Sword. Like all steel weapons, it requires 5 attack to wield. Players can make a steel long sword with level 36 smithing and two steel bars with a hammer at an anvil, giving the player 75 smithing experience. Players can also purchase this long sword from Varrock Swords.

Dropped by

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Black Heather 39 1 4Rare
Donny the lad 39 1 4Rare
Speedy Keith 39 1 4Rare
Giant 37 1 3Uncommon
Hobgoblin 32, 48 1 3Uncommon
Pirate 27 1 3Uncommon