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A Steel dagger is a mid-range dagger in RuneScape Classic, stronger than iron but weaker than black. It requires level 5 Attack to wield. They can be forged from 1 steel bar at level 30 Smithing, yielding 37.5 experience.

By applying weapon poison to the dagger, it will become a poisoned steel daggar. It has the same Combat bonuses and a chance to poison monsters during combat.



Image Item Armour Aim Power Magic Prayer
Iron dagger.png Iron dagger 5 5
Bronze battle Axe.png Bronze battle Axe 7 9
Iron Short Sword.png Iron Short Sword 8 8
Steel dagger.png Steel dagger 8 8
Iron Scimitar.png Iron Scimitar 9 9
Black dagger.png Black dagger 10 8
Steel Axe.png Steel Axe 8 11
Bronze 2-handed Sword.png Bronze 2-handed Sword 10 10
Steel Mace.png Steel Mace 12 8

Item spawn

Location Number of spawns Number in stack Approximate respawn time
Level 29 east Wilderness, near the black knights 1 1 10 seconds


Dropped by

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Hobgoblin 32, 48 1 2Common