Stone is a piece of scenery found in the final section of the Legends Quest related Legends caverns, as an agility shortcut in the jungle east of Shilo Village and also as an agility shortcut on the Wilderness Agility Course.

The stone found inside of Legends caverns stone has no function other than an examine option that says: Looks like a stone.

Wilderness Agility Course1

Player balancing on the stones in the Wilderness Agility Course.

Wilderness course stones require level 52 agility to traverse and grant 20 experience when successfully crossed. It is possible to fail the obstacle and fall into a pit of lava, which does damage [Clarify] relative to how many hits the player has left.

Southeastern KaramjaEdit

In the south east of Karamja island, east of Shilo Village are a set of stepping stones which may be used to cross the river. They are located close to the waterfall and the entrance to Ah Za Roon. Failing these stepping stones will cause the player to fall a short distance down stream. Failing rewards the player with 1 agility experience, while succeeding earns 2.5 experience.

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