Strange Panel

Examine: This wall doesn't look quite right

Strange Panel is a piece of scenery located in The Shrimp and Parrot restaurant kitchen in Brimhaven. Only Phoenix Gang members have access to the kitchen with the panel and Charlie the cook. The panel is also the only way to enter the two-story building north of the restaurant which contains a Large Steel Helmet spawn.

Messages Edit

Pushing the panel:

You just went through a secret door

Hero's Quest Edit

During the course of Hero's Quest players who have become Phoenix Gang members will access the panel to kill the mercenary Grip from afar. Pushing the panel moves the player to the other side of the wall and into a small fenced in yard with Guard dogs, where there is a locked door which gives access to a side room. This side room is attached to ScarFace Pete's Brimhaven mansion, and features a hole in the wall from where the Phoenix Gang member can shoot Grip with ranged or magic spells. The Miscellaneous key is required to open this door.

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