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Superheat item
Superheat item.png
Nicknames Smelt spell
Released 24 May 2001 (Update)
Pay-to-play No
Quest needed? None
Staff needed? None
Magic level 43
Description Smelt 1 ore without a furnace
Runes 1 Nature, 4 Fire
Experience (?) 106
Fatigue Unknown edit
Casts / 100% (?) Unknown edit

Superheat item is a conversion spell available at level 43 Magic that allows the player to smelt ores into metal bars while away from a furnace. It costs 4 fire and 1 nature rune to use, and yields 106 experience per successful cast. It also yields the appropriate Smithing experience for smelting the ore.

This spell is particularly helpful while Mining because it decreases the number of trips to a bank, while also saving time smelting the ores later, and receiving Magic XP as a bonus.


  • Smelting iron ore with Superheat item guarantees the iron will smelt into an iron bar, as opposed to only a 50% chance at a furnace.
  • Message: This spell can only be used on ore
    • Casting the spell on an iron ore while carrying 2 coal will make a steel bar.
  • Gauntlets of goldsmithing do not grant their experience bonus when using the Superheat item spell.
  • The spell can only convert ores into bars. It can not be used to cast jewellery, golden bowls or multi cannon balls, or heat pottery like a pottery oven.
  • While trying to cast the spell on an item on the ground ordinarily produces no game message, if a scenery object like a door is directly in between the player and the item, the player receives the message: I can't see the object from here