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Telekinetic grab
Telekinetic grab
Released Unknown date edit (Unknown update edit)
Pay-to-play Unknown edit
Quest needed? Unknown edit
Staff needed? Unknown edit
Magic level Unknown edit
Description Unknown edit
Runes Unknown edit
Experience (?) Unknown (needs Magic level)
Fatigue Unknown edit
Casts / 100% (?) Unknown edit

Telekinetic Grab is a magic spell that becomes available at level 33. Using telekinetic grab allows you to take an item that is visible, but is blocked and unable to be reached. It requires 1 Air-Rune and 1 Law-Rune.

Ungrabable items

Some items cannot be telegrabbed. Attempting to do so gives "I can't use telekinetic grab on this object". This includes:


  • You cannot cast Telekinetic grab inside the Party room. If you do attempt to use the spell you will receive the message "You can't cast this spell within the vicinity of the party hall".
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