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The CompareTableHead template is used to create a table to compare item equipment bonuses. It is used in conjunction with {{CompareTableLine}} which actually adds the items to the table.

On an item's page, it is placed in a Comparison subheading below the Bonuses heading and {{Infobox Bonuses}}. It can be used elsewhere when helpful.


It is important to begin the comparison table with:


and end it with:


Everything between those elements are {{CompareTableLine}}


{{CompareTableLine|image=Dragon sword|aim=71|power=71|armour=0|magic=0|prayer=0}}
{{CompareTableLine|image=Dragon axe|aim=69|power=75|armour=0|magic=0|prayer=0}}
For more examples on how the table comes together, see Template:CompareTableLine.

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