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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Infobox NPC/doc.


{{Infobox NPC
|name          = <!--The name of the NPC as it appears in game. Use "name {{sic}}" if necessary.-->
|image         = <!--An image of the NPC. Ideally, filename will be same as NPC's name, and be a .png file.-->
|released      = <!--The day/month and year the NPC was released, linking both.-->
|update        = <!--The newspost title for the update which introduced the NPC. This is auto-linked.-->
|members       = <!--Yes/No whether the NPC is members-only.-->
|race          = <!--See Category:Races for options. Make it a link.-->
|quest         = <!--Yes/No if the NPC is part of a quest. If yes, specify & link to the quest(s).-->
|location      = <!--Link to the location-page (ie. the city) of the character. Can include brief directions.-->
|shop          = <!--Yes/None if the NPC operates a shop. If yes, specify & link to the shop.-->
|skillrequired = <!--Yes/None if a skill level is required to interact with the NPC, such as in a guild. If yes, specify & link to skill.-->
|questrequired = <!--Yes/None if a quest is required to interact with the NPC, such as in Zanaris. If yes, specify & link to quest.-->
|gender        = <!--Male/Female-->
|examine       = <!--The message received after examining the item-->
|features      = <!--Brief purpose or unique function of the NPC.-->
  • Add all parameters of the infobox, preferably in the same order.
    • Leave fields blank if they are unknown, but still add the parameter.
  • Link to the quest/shop/required if it's a quest character, opens a shop, etc., not just "Yes".
    • Ex.: |shop = Yes - [[Bob's Axes]]
  • Excessive whitespace is only for clarity purposes. Remove it when used on a page.


{{Infobox NPC
|name = Bob
|image = [[File:Bob.png]]
|released = [[4 January]] [[2001]]
|update = Runescape beta is now online!
|members = No
|race = [[Human]]
|quest = Yes - [[Prince Ali Rescue]]
|location = [[Lumbridge]]
|shop = Yes - [[Bob's Axes]]
|skillrequired = Yes - 120 [[Magic]]
|questrequired = Yes - [[Underground Pass (quest)|Underground Pass]]
|gender = Male
|examine = An axe seller
|features = Shopkeeper
{{Infobox NPC
|name = Klaus {{sic}}
|race = [[Human]]