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Nicknames None
Released Unknown edit
Quest item Unknown edit
Members item Unknown edit
Tradeable Unknown edit
Equipable Unknown edit
Stackable Unknown edit
High alch Unknown edit
Low alch Unknown edit
Shop price Unknown edit
Sale price Unknown edit
Examine Unknown edit

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{{Infobox item
| name       = <!--The name of the item-->
| image      = <!--An inventory image of the item, if it's not available leave this field blank-->
| Released   = <!--The date the item was released-->
| Update     = <!--The update added to Jagex's website when the item was released-->
| Members    = <!--Whether the item is members-only-->
| Quest Item = <!--Is the item vital in a quest? If yes, name them-->
| Tradeable  = <!--Can the item be traded? Yes or No-->
| Equipable  = <!--Can you equip the item? Yes or No-->
| Stackable  = <!--Can the item stack more than one in one inventory box? Yes or No-->
| High Alch  = <!--The amount of coins obtained after using high alchemy on it-->
| Low Alch   = <!--The amount of coins obtained after using low alchemy on it-->
| Shop Price = <!--The amount of coins it cost to buy the item from a shop. If it's not sold put 'Not sold'-->
| Examine    = <!--The message received after examining the item-->
  • Leave fields blank if they are unknown.
  • Use a link to the quest if it's a quest item, not just "Yes".
    • Ex.: |Quest Item = Yes - [[Watchtower (quest)|Watchtower]]


{{Infobox item
| name       = Rune Spear
| image      = [[File:Rune Spear.png]]
| Released   = [[14 April]] [[2003]]
| Update     = New Throwing Weapons!
| Members    = Yes
| Quest Item = No
| Tradeable  = Yes
| Equipable  = Yes
| Stackable  = No
| High Alch  = 600
| Low Alch   = 400
| Shop Price = Not sold
| Sale Price = 400gp - [[General Store]]
| Examine    = A rune tipped spear
Results in...
Rune Spear
Rune Spear

Nicknames None
Released 14 April 2003 (Update)
Quest item No
Members item Yes
Tradeable Yes
Equipable Yes
Stackable No
High alch 600
Low alch 400
Shop price Not sold
Sale price 400gp - General Store
Examine A rune tipped spear
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