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The Reflist template is used to create a list of cited references at the bottom of the article. It is used in conjunction with {{Ref}}, {{Cquote}}, or <ref> (when necessary to use reference names/groups).


Type {{reflist|<...>}} where you would normally type <references/>. If used with no parameters, it will produce a reference list with a single column.

It should be placed near the very bottom of the article, with only the list of article categories below it.

Multiple columns

Using {{reflist|2}} will create a two-column reference list, and {{reflist|3}} will create a three-column list. Three-column lists are inaccessible to users with smaller/laptop monitors and should be avoided.

Using {{reflist|colwidth=30em}} will allow the browser to automatically choose the number of columns based on the width of the web browser. Choose a column width that's appropriate for the average width of the references on the page.

Note: Multiple columns should render properly in major web browsers, but may not do so in all. On the RuneScape Classic Wiki, it is unlikely that a references list in multiple columns would ever be used.


{{reflist}} produces:


CSS used

None used, but here are the available classes if they were to be modified:

div.references-small { }
ol.references { }

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