This article is about the Dungeon. For the quest, see Temple of Ikov.

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Temple of Ikov - Entrance

Main entrance located northeast of East Ardougne

The Temple of Ikov is a dungeon located northeast of Ardougne. Players who have progressed through the quest far enough to get the Shiny key may use the alternative entrance located in the building just north of McGrubor's Wood.

Inside of the Temple of Ikov is the only location players where players may obtain Ice Arrows.

Outside of the quest, the dungeon has little utility for the average player.

Temple of Ikov - Ladder Exit Point

Alternative entrance for players who have a Shiny Key


Friendly NPCs'

Unique Items

Unique Scenery

Temple of Ikov - Trapped Lever
Temple of Ikov - Lever Bracket
Trapped lever Lever Bracket


Temple of Ikov - Room of Fear

Room of fear

Room of fear

Players must be wearing the Pendant of Lucien Pendant of Lucien in order to enter the Room of fear otherwise they will get the message:

"As you reach to open the door
A great terror comes over you
You decide you'll not open this door today"

Dark room

Temple of Ikov dungeon2

Dark room

Players who do down the Stairs in the room of fear without a lit Candle will enter a dark room and get the message:

"You cannot see any further into the room
It is too dark"

If players light a Candle while they are in the room or if they go down the stairs with one lit initially they will enter the lit room.

Lighting a candle while in the dark will will take players to the lit room and give them the message:

"You light the candle
Your candle lights up the room"

Lit room

Temple of Ikov dungeon3

Lit room

Players who go down the stairs with a lit Candle will enter the lit room and get the message:

"Your flame lights up the room"

Inside the lit room are 3 spiders, Webs, and Boots of lightfootedness Boots of Lightfootedness. Players need to cut the web in order to access the boots.

Skeleton and bridge chamber

Temple of Ikov dungeon6

Skeleton chamber

Going north from the room of fear will take players to a room with level 54 skeletons.

Going west players will see a bridge. Players who attempt to open the door across the bridge without wearing Boots of lightfootedness Boots of Lightfootedness will fall into the lava below and take damage. They will also get the following message:

"Your weight is too much for the bridge to hold
You fall through the bridge
The lava singes you"
Temple of Ikov dungeon ladder

Location of where ladder takes player

For the players who fall fall down, they will also have to deal with the 3 scorpions if they are below level 43 combat. There is an ladder located to the south players can use to escape to the surface.

Players who open the door while wearing the Boots of lightfootedness Boots of Lightfootedness will be in a room that has the item Lever Lever.

Temple of Ikov - Trapped Lever

Trapped lever

North of the skeletons is a trapped lever. The lever is used to unlock the door to the Ice spider cave. However, players must select the "Searchfortraps[sic]" option on the lever before they attempt to pull it. Failure to do so will result in the player taking damage.

Ice Spider cave

Temple of Ikov dungeon Grabbing Ice arrows

Teleport location after grabbing Ice Arrows

West of the main entrance ladder is the Ice spider cave. It contains 2 Ice Arrows Ice Arrows spawns at the end of the cave and 3 Ice spider Ice spiders throughout the length of the cave. Upon picking up the Ice arrows players will be teleported to the entrance of the cave. Which greatly increases the difficulty for players who are attempting to obtain several of them.

Players will get the message when they are teleported to the entrance to the cave:

"Suddenly your surroundings change"
NOTE: Once a player has unlocked the door to the Ice spider cave they will not have to re-pull the trapped lever.
Temple of Ikov dungeon9

Fighting the Fire Warrior

The Fire Warrior of Lesarkus

West of the trapped lever is a locked door and a Lever Bracket. In order to unlock the door players must use the LeverLever item on the door. Players must then quickly pull down the lever, otherwise the lever will despawn and you will have to get another.

NOTE: Once a player has unlocked the door they will not have to reassemble the lever and pull it again.

The Fire Warrior of Lesarkus is in a caged off area and can only be killed if a player ranges them with at least an initial ice arrow. Upon killing him players will be able to open the door near him and progress further into the dungeon.

NOTE: Once a player has killed The Fire Warrior of Lesarkus they will not have to kill him again.
Temple of Ikov dungeon Odd looking wall

Odd looking wall

Northern chamber

In order to cross the lava player must pay Winelda 20 Limpwurt root Limpwurt roots to teleport them across the lava. Across the lava are more skeletons.

Going north of where you were teleported is a ladder that will take you to a building that is located north of McGrubor's Wood. However, players need the Shiny key Shiny Key in order to exit the building.

The shiny key is located east and then south of the ladder, where the 4 Lesser Demons are located.

Between the area of the ladder and shiny key is the Guardian of Armadyl room. It can only be accessed if players push the Odd looking wall.

Guardians of Armadyl room

Temple of Ikov dungeon14

Guardians of Armadyl room

This room houses the Staff of Armadyl Staff of Armadyl. Which the Guardians of Armadyl have been guarding for generations. The guardians themselves are not combative. However, If a player attempts to take the staff or upsets them by choosing dialogue that speaks of their allegiance to Lucien players will be engaged in combat.

During the Temple of Ikov quest, players who side against Lucien will receive the Pendant of Armadyl Pendant of Armadyl.



  • Unlike in RS2/3 when a player drops their lit candle in the room with the Boots of lightfootedness they will not be expelled from the room.
  • The unstable bridge will only collapse when players attempt to open the door when they are not wearing the Boots of lightfootedness.
  • Inside the Guardians of Armadyl room is also a Bowl of water. Via dialogue with the Guardian of Armadyl players may be splashed with water to be cleansed. It is reasonable to believe that is why that item spawn is in this room.


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