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This article is about the quest. For the quest item, see Holy grail.

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Quest details

Name: The Holy Grail
Release date: 23 July 2002 (Update)
Pay-to-play: Yes
Start: Speak to King Arthur in Camelot
Length: Medium-long
Items needed: Excalibur.png Excalibur (from Merlin's Crystal) If you need to re-obtain Excalibur, then you can get one by talking to the lady of the lake again.
Monsters to defeat: Black Knight Titan (level 146)
Recommended: Level 37 Prayer for Paralyze Monster


Holy Grail start.png

  • Talk to King Arthur after completing the Merlin's Crystal quest.
    • Arthur will tell you to talk to Merlin.
  • Talk to Merlin
  • Simply head to Port Sarim / Entrana after banking all weapons and items


  • First deposit any armour and weapons before going to Entrana
  • (Runes and items that provide no bonuses are allowed, with the exception of the Dragonstone amulet).
  • Head to Port Sarim and travel to Entrana via the ship or Monks
  • Go to the church located northeast of the ship and talk to the high priest of entrana. The high priest will not care about the grail.

Holy Grail talking to high priest.png

  • The crone however, will jump into your conversation to tell you about the holy grail and where to find it.
  • Next head back to the Camelot / Seers Village area and go talk to Brother Galahad

Brother Galahad

Galahad's house west of McGrubors Woods and Camelot

Getting the Whistle

Entering the Fisher King Realm

Take Excalibur, the magic whistles, food, armour and a cure poison potion or poison antidote with you.

The location on the minimap to enter the Fisher King Realm

Defeating the Black Knight Titan

  • To go further, you must kill the Black Knight Titan, read the following carefully to avoid mistakes
    • You must use Excalibur to kill him, however he can be weakened first with another weapon.
    • Failing to deliver the final hit with a weapon other than Excalibur will cause the Titan to regenerate all of his hits
    • Level 37 Prayer and the use of the Paralyze monster prayer is helpful here
    • The final hit must be made with Excalibur
  • After killing the Titan proceed

Fisher Kings Castle

  • To get into the Fisher King's Castle you must first talk to the Fisherman to the east of the castle
  • Talk to him and ask him how to get into the castle.
  • Go back to the castle to find the bell on the ground, pick it up
  • Ring the bell in your inventory and you will be teleported into the castle.
  • Talk to the fisher king, tell him you are seeking the Holy Grail and then that he does not look well, and he will tell you about his son.
  • After the player character says that they will see about finding him, blow your whistle again and this will teleport you back to the square plot near Brimhaven

Returning the Heir

  • Go back to King Arthur via and talk to him. He will give you the magic golden feather.
    • Note that if you go back to speak to the fisher king at this point, you will have to specifically tell him again that he doesn't look too well to continue the quest, or nothing interesting happens when you prod the sacks, or attempt to blow the magic whistle later.

Location of Sir Percival in Goblin Village

Returning to the Fisher Realm

  • Go back to Brimhaven with a magic whistle and visit the castle in the Fisher King Realm
  • Speak to Percival, who is now King.
  • Go upstairs, take the Holy grail, and go back to Camelot to speak to King Arthur again.
    • Consider banking the Holy grail until you are ready to complete the quest and gain the Prayer experience reward, which is a substantial amount of experience depending on your level.
    • This is a great time saver because Prayer is known to be difficult / time consuming to raise
    • Completion of this quest with Level 34 Prayer will boost the player instantly to 37, which unlocks the incredibly useful Paralyze monster prayer

Completing the quest