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Quest details

Name: The Restless Ghost
Release date: 4 January 2001 (Update)
Pay-to-play: Unknown edit
Start: The church in Lumbridge, to the east of Lumbridge Castle. Inside, talk to the priest.
Length: Very short
Requirements: The ability to take three hits from a Level 19 skeleton.
Items needed: None
Monsters to defeat: Optional: Skeleton (level 19)
Recommended: Unknown edit



Location of Urhney

To start the quest, simply talk to the priest who can be found in the church located east of the Lumbridge Castle. Ask the priest for a quest, and you will then start the quest.
Restless ghost inventory

A good inventory for this quest, if the player is low levelled

Go behind the castle and then keep going east in the swamps. You'll soon come upon a small house. Go inside the house, and talk to Father Urhney. After some talking, he will give you an Amulet of Ghostspeak. Now go back to the graveyard in Lumbridge. Go into the small house with a coffin located in the Lumbridge graveyard. Note: the player may use the drop trick to get multiple amulets whilst the quest hasn't been completed.

Open the coffin if it is not opened already and make sure to have an Amulet of Ghostspeak in inventory. Talk to the ghost wandering around. He will tell you that he is missing his skull because a warlock has come along to steal the skull, and would like you to get it back for him.


Talking to the Restless Ghost with the Ghostspeak amulet

Now, head to the Wizard's Tower southwest of Lumbridge, and head downstairs. There you will find a Skull lying on the ground, however if the player attempts to take the skull for the first time, a Skeleton will spawn and start to attack the player.
Restless ghost skull

A player about to take the skull

You do not have to fight the skeleton, and can simply flee the fight. Once you have acquired the skull, return to the graveyard. Once you have returned, go to the coffin located in the graveyard, and use the skull on the coffin. The ghost will vanish, and then the quest will be complete!


The Restless Ghost Completed

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