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Magic Prayers
Level 1: Thick skin
Level 4: Burst of strength
Level 7: Clarity of thought
Level 10: Rock skin
Level 13: Superhuman strength
Level 16: Improved reflexes
Level 19: Rapid restore
Level 22: Rapid heal
Level 25: Protect items
Level 28: Steel skin
Level 31: Ultimate strength
Level 34: Incredible reflexes
Level 37: Paralyze monster
Level 40: Protect from missiles
Level 1: Thick skin
Increases defense by 5%
Drain rate: 15

Thick Skin is a prayer which players can use at level 1. It has a drain rate of 5 points per minute, and when activate, it increases defense by 5% temporarily.

Because it is the first prayer available, it is often used by new players, and enabled in dire situations by low-level pures with level 1 prayer. However, it cannot be enabled for more than a very short period of time, so its effect in lengthening life with a low prayer level is minimal.


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