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Thieving is a skill in RuneScape Classic which allows players to steal from non-player characters, whether by pickpocketing or looting stalls and chests. Thieving proves to be quite profitable and is generally used to make money as coins and valuable items are obtained in the process. The Thieving skill was released on 30 April 2002 with East Ardougne and the Tribal Totem quest. East Ardougne is the area with the most Thieving-related content in the game, and was often referred to as "the Thieving city" early after its release.

Getting started

In order to begin training, players must start by pickpocketing before they can steal from stalls. Pickpocketing men is the only option at level 1. Men can be found near the initial spawn point in Lumbridge, making the skill readily available for new players.


A player caught picking the pocket of an Al Kharid warrior.

Players can pickpocket specific monsters by right-clicking on them and choosing the "pickpocket" option. If the pickpocket is successful, the player will receive some loot and Thieving experience. If the pickpocket fails, then the monster will attack the player. To continue pickpocketing, the player must run away or kill the monster and wait for it to respawn.

When pickpocketing, many players have food, and armour equipped, but no weapon, to avoid killing the monster or taking too much damage. Another strategy is to weild a bow with no arrows, which prevents the player from attacking accidentally.

Image Name Level Experience Location Loot Combat level
Man.png Man 1 8 9
Farmer.png Farmer 10 14.5 15
Warrior (Al Kharid).png Warrior (Al Kharid) 25 26 18
Warrior (female).png Warrior (female) 25 26 27
Workman.png Workman 25 0 9
Rogue.png Rogue 32 36.5 21
Guard.png Guard 40 46.75 28
Knight.png Knight 55 84.25 56
Yanille Watchman.png Yanille Watchman 65 137.5 33
Paladin.png Paladin 70 151.75 71
Gnome Local.png Gnomes 75* 198.25 3, 9, Unknown
Hero.png Hero 80 273.25 83

* Gnomes that can be pickpocketed include children, locals, and some of the Agility trainers.


Throughout Gielinor are many stalls that players can steal from. The most common location for stealing from stalls is the East Ardougne market. Looting stalls is another alternative to pickpocketing and requires a higher Thieving level to begin. To steal from a stall, find a stall that can be looted, right-click on it and select the option "steal from". Once a player steals from a stall, it will take several seconds for the items to re-spawn. If the player is unsuccessful, the player will be attacked by a guard, knight, paladin, or hero depending on the level required to steal from the stall.

Image Stall Level Experience Location Loot Respawn Time
Stall.png Tea stall 5* 16 5 seconds
Stall.png Bakers Stall 5 16 5 seconds
Rock cake stall.png Rock Cake stall 15 16 5 seconds
Stall.png Silk Stall 20 24 8 seconds
Stall.png Fur Stall 35 36 15 seconds
Stall.png Silver Stall 50 54 30 seconds
Stall.png Spices Stall 65 81 80 seconds
Stall.png Gems Stall 75 160 180 seconds

* This stall is not recommended to train on since it has a higher fail rate compared to the other stalls.


The Thieving skill can be used to unlock a number of chests throughout Gielinor, and receive the loot inside. This is done by right-clicking on the door and selecting 'picklock'.

Image Name Level Experience Location Loot Respawn Time
Chest.png 10 Coin chest 13 7.5 10 seconds
Chest.png Nature rune chest 28 25 25 seconds
Chest.png 50 Coin chest 43 125 100 seconds
Chest.png Hemenster chest 47* 150 150 seconds
Chest.png Blood rune chest 59 250 250 seconds
Chest.png Paladin chest 72 500 500 seconds

* This chest requires a lockpick.


Some doors can only be unlocked through use of the Thieving skill. Among those, some require a lockpick to open.

Level Experience Location Lockpick
7 3.75
  • One-storey houses, East Ardougne (10 coin chests)
16 15
16 15
21 15
  • House next to Baker stall, East Ardougne
  • Ardougne Mansion door
31 25
32 25
39 35
46 37.5
50 0
50 25
61 50
82 50


Image Item Boost Visibility
Poison chalice.png Poison chalice 1 level* Visible

* Only when the response from drinking the item is: You feel a lot better


Thieving is required to complete several quests:


  • Level 50 greatly helps in the Underground Pass to pick a door that shortcuts the dungeon

The following quests give Thieving experience rewards:


  • "Swedemike" is the first known player to reach level 99 Thieving.