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Thieving is one of the 18 skills in RuneScape Classic. It requires patience and a bit of luck. Certain quests require a specific thieving level to progress, such as the Temple of Ikov or Legends Quest. Visit the thieving article for more information on this skill.

Getting started (Levels 1 - 5)

  • The first thing you should do to start training the Thieving skill, is to pickpocket Men which can be found all over RuneScape.
  • Each successful pickpocket will yield 3 coins, along with 8 Thieving experience.
  • Simply pickpocket men 49 times to obtain 392 Thieving experience, which is enough experience to advance to level 5 thieving. Now continue with the next section.

Skill mastery (Levels 5 - 99)

Head to East Ardougne and do the following:

  1. Steal from Baker's Stalls until level 25 Thieving.
  2. Pickpocket Warriors until level 40 Thieving.
  3. Pickpocket Guards until level 70 Thieving.
  4. Pickpocket Paladins to level 99 Thieving.

Found below is a table of what a player would gain if they followed the above route for getting 99 Thieving:

Target Loot Experience
466 Baker's Stalls 466 cakes 7,456 xp
1,130 Warriors 20,340 coins 29,380 xp
14,998 Guards 449,940 coins 700,406.6 xp
80,900 Paladins 80,900 chaos-runes

6,472,000 coins

12,296,800 xp
97,494 victims

466 cakes
80,900 chaos-runes
6,942,280 coins

13,034,042.6 xp

XP rates

Name Thieving Level Location Approx. XP/h
Cake 5 Ardougne 5,300
Rock Cake 15 Gu'tanoth (rock cake stall) 14,400
Guard 40 Second floor Varrock Castle 30,000
Knight 61 East Ardougne 24,000
Warrior 71 North Ardougne 24,500
Guard 71 Second floor Varrock Castle 34,000
Paladin 71 Second floor King Lathas' castle 43,500

At around level 60, Knights are not as fast as Guards because knights are less populated throughout the game and where they are found, they have a tendency to walk a lot which reduces experience rates substantially. Also, their fail rate is still rather high at this level and so guards are recommended. At level 70+, it is recommended for the player to train on Paladins, which can be found on the second floor of King Lathas' castle.


  • It is advisable to sell the cakes stolen from the Baker's Stall back to its owner only if the shop stock is less than 33. Otherwise, save them up for use as a free source of healing when pickpocketing.
  • Be wary of Paladins if your hits are low; they can easily kill you in 3 hits if your hits are around level 10 / low
  • While you can pickpocket Rogues located in level 55 Wilderness, it is not advisable to do as a training method. This is because it's very dangerous due to the possibility of PKers in the area.
    • If you are looking to train thieving as well as combat, you would find much success as the Rogues seem to have low defense.
  • The Baker's Stall in East Ardougne can be used to obtain free food while training thieving by pickpocketing in the East Ardougne market.

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