Throwing knives are a type of weapon which may be used in both ranged and melee combat. They are one-handed, and can therefore be used with a shield. They are the second strongest ranged weapon in the game, behind spears. Like spears, they are not stackable, and so a maximum of 30 can be held per inventory. It is not common for players to use them for this reason. In the smithing skill, every type of throwing knife, besides Black, can be forged, and two are produced for each bar consumed. Besides the Black throwing knife every type of throwing knife may be found while smashing Strange Barrels. Weapon poison can be applied to every type of throwing knife, making them poisonous.

All poisoned throwing knives have no attack and no ranged level requirements to wield. Because of this, some players who do not have the level 40 attack requirement to equip rune melee weapons will equip Poisoned Rune throwing knives to make it look like they have a rune 2-handed sword or similar rune sword. This trick is sometimes used by mage stakers so that they appear to have higher melee stats (and therefore a lower magic level for their combat level) to potential opponents.

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