Throwing knives are Ranged and Melee weapons obtainable as a drop or via Smithing skill. They are the second strongest ranged weapon in the game, behind spears. They require no Attack or Ranged levels to wield but they do require up to 35 Ranged to throw.

Rune sword

Every throwing knife can be poisoned by applying Weapon poison on it.


Smithing throwing knives requires one bar of the type.

Throwing knife Smithing level Smithing experience
Bronze throwing knife 7 12.5
Iron throwing knife 22 25
Steel throwing knife 37 37.5
Black throwing knife not smithable not smithable
Mithril throwing knife 57 50
Adamantite throwing knife 77 62.5
Rune throwing knife 93 75

Black throwing knives are dropped by Shadow Warriors and Fire Giants.

Different throwing knives

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