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Tin rock

Ore Tin ore
Mining level 1
Experience received 17.5
Fatigue received 0.3733%
Respawn rate 5.4 seconds
Examine A rocky outcrop

Tin rocks are pieces of scenery which give tin ore when mined. They require level 1 mining to mine, and each ore gives 17.5 experience.

Tutorial Island tin rock Edit

  • The tin rock found on Tutorial Island is a special scenery object different from other tin rocks
  • It does not have the same appearance as a normal tin rock, which is a darker shade of grey.
  • It does produce normal tin ore.
  • Attempting to mine the rock more than one time on tutorial island will result in the player receiving the following message
    • Thats[sic] enough mining for now


Number Location
1 Al Kharid mine
3 Barbarian Village mine
14 Desert Mining Camp mine
6 Dwarven mine
2 Edgeville dungeon mine
4 Falador mine
11 Port Khazard mine
1 Rimmington mine
5 Varrock southeast mine
8 Varrock southwest mine

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